There is actually hardly anything that we do not offer in the field of quality management and the reworking of parts in the automotive industry. So in the event that you miss a service, please let us know. We will make every effort to find a solution for this too.

Qualified employees at the desired location at the desired time. In multi-shift operation or in our own halls.

Start-up protection


Reworking in the areas of plastics,
metal & electronics

Through 100% inspection of all parts produced, we ensure
ensure that no faulty parts leave the factory. Due to the
evaluation of our documentation, further errors can be corrected promptly.
be turned off.

Effective immediate measure

At the end of a production line, assemblies and system modules are subjected to a final inspection and documented by trained employees, and minor faults are rectified immediately on site.

100% assurance through final inspection with qualified specialist personnel

Establishment and implementation of a fixed control system in a plant, with standardized processes and uniform documentation & communication channels.

High efficiency through learned, clear structures

Our specialist staff take care of all quality-related issues on site. We represent your interests with your customers.

Product, process & local knowledge,
fast processing, cost-effective

We support you in the acceptance and development of your vehicles with experienced and permanently trained personnel.

Final vehicle inspection

Test, road and noise drives

Day & night trips

Using state-of-the-art production methods and in accordance with the quality guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, we assemble and disassemble for you on the basis of drawings or test instructions. On your premises, at your customers’ premises or in our own site-specific test and assembly halls.

Fast, clean and professional

Quality assurance and logistics from a single source. We check your parts before they reach the customer, pack them and take care of further order picking and transportation.

Short distances, one contact person, certainty that the customer will receive the goods in good condition

In combination with our Consulting & Engineering division, we are able to offer you programs that will greatly and sustainably improve the product & process quality and ultimately the effectiveness of your company in a short period of time.

Sustainable quality improvement, cost reduction, better rating with your customers

We have our own halls at almost all of our locations. This means that we are able to check and rework your products on request, store them temporarily and possibly also take care of onward transportation.

In-house inspection in own, location-specific halls